Psychology of the Mind.

Cello Concerto No. 2 in D Major, H 7B/2 (Op. 101) by Hadyn, Franz Joseph

I have noticed something.
As a pedestrian during a rainy day, you are especially vulnerable.
To what? You may wonder.
To several different things. I would say.
To mother nature. To human nature.

They don't kill you, those cute little raindrops.
They are harmless to your well being.
But why would I consider that as harmless to me?
The reason is as simple as it can be: I have to look presentable to others, especially if I am going to work. Of course! You don't want to look like you had to swim across a river, conquer a mountain to get to work! Of course not!
People who have a car to commute to work, lucky you, fortunate beings.
People who doesn't even own a driving license, you need to work harder on it.

Water puddles.
Again, they may seem to you like merely an uneven path when it is dry and sunny out. However, be wary of it during a rainy day as you might trip over it, twist your ankle if you step into it by mistake, getting your foot dirty and wet at the very same time, etc.
Whatever it is, don't trivialize it.

Inconsiderate drivers.
These people, of the other two aforementioned factors, are the most despicable 'sugar' in this world.
Oh yes. They just had to pick up speed as they pass by a pedestrian, who is just trying to avoid getting wet by using a mere umbrella to shield the rain. They just had to drive closer to the curb, through the puddle of water so that the water would splash up all over your body. Why not? That's a fun thing to do; seeing other people suffer while you sit back in your leather-coated seat of your brand new CR-V, enjoying your artificial air-condition in this naturally cold and wet morning.
Sadistic bastards.

Diffusion of responsibility.
I believe at some point of your life, you have experienced this at least once.
Human nature.
One time, I was at the zebra crossing, waiting to cross the road. There was this HUGE line of cars from both sides of the road. Of course, I treasure my life by not crossing when there's cars, and not until I see that they are slowing down for me to cross.
Guess what? I ended up waiting for almost 2 minutes before one of the gentleman actually stops for me to cross the road. Everyone else before him? Just simply stared at me while they accelerated past me, following the lead of the 'first' person, who ignored my intention to get to the other side of the road.
"If I don't stop for this lady right here, somebody else would. Somebody has to eventually. I'm just going to pass being the good guy this time, just like everyone else before me."
As you can see, this, perfect example of diffusion of responsibility.

So I was walking down this narrow sidewalk along a very poor conditioned road with many potholes trailing right beside the curb this morning. It was raining hard. Much harder than desired. I was dressed in my clean smart casual office outfit, trying to stay as dry as possible and get to the ACC so that I can board the public transit from there.
The rain, sort of ruined everything for me.
Kudos to this Person, who ruined it for me as well.
Right after this stupid car, there was a large gap before the next line of car coming up. What I did was right before the first car passes by my side, I tilted my umbrella to the side facing the road so that I can shield myself from any potential water splashes I might get from these upcoming cars. What caught me off guard was that the first car, not only slowed down its speed, but also drifted a little away from the sidewalk so that the water would not splash too much towards my direction. Surprisingly, all the subsequent cars treated me with the same degree of courtesy.
That, at least, made up for that jerk before. Thank you.
However, this got me thinking. Would they have done the same if the 'first' person didn't react differently as opposed to not having a pedestrian on the sidewalk? Would they have at least try to dodge the potholes even if the 'first' person didn't?
Could this be because they feel the obligation to keep up with the moral standards set by the model, in this case, the 'first' car?

Rant of the day: CHECK!
Thank you for your patience.

Goodnight, pretty.



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