Orchestra Suite No. 3 in D Major by J.S. Bach

"In the end, it's not going to matter how many breaths you took, but how many moments took your breath away." - Shing Xiong

a walk to remember

Friday, May 31st, 2013.
I spent this last day of the month with ample of room for spontaneity.
I woke up, feeling fresh. Went to campus, had a wonderful date with Mr. Grand. Ran some errands, met some friends, did some homework.
They all felt like routines, until this flush of mood came: I wanted to eat ice-cream!
I have no idea where this spontaneity came from, but this sudden craving for ice-cream was driving me nuts! I was rather desperate for some nice, chill ice-cream in this hot day out.
So I gathered some people and together, we headed down to this little ice-cream place.
They had many flavors of ice-cream but they all came in a cup. I needed the experience of eating ice-cream out of a cone. That was part of the plan. That was part of the craving. I just had to forgo those fancy flavors and stuck to the standard regular twist that I already adore so much :)

We missed the SA shuttle to Walmart. No biggie.
Teased Sanchir with my sidekick, Baek by attempting to sing 忐忑. No biggie.
Random coin-tossing, which result was ignored and forgone the shuttle ride to Walmart eventually. No biggie.
Officially met Jeshi, and a new-found friend, Vanessa. Reconnected with old friends. No biggie.
Short walk back to retrieve the poor little brown Aero messenger bag from in front of the ACC, just because the owner absent-mindedly abandoned it there with all the most important things and documents in there. No biggie.
Had an awesome dinner, which I did nothing to help out at all. Pleasurably guilty. No biggie.
Long conversation that eventually led to learning 日本語 from Iori-chan. No biggie.
Sober moments amongst 酔うてる people. No biggie.
Sanchir, smiling with his bloodshot eyes, drunk-talking, was certainly very entertaining.
We ended up playing this drawing game that he came up with.

Think outside of the box, so he said

The half moon was blood red. The majestic sight of it put me into an instant trance. Out we went, chasing the moon. Spontaneity.
I especially adore those long talks, cool breeze against our cheeks, gentle fluorescent street light, leaves rustling in the background. Subconsciously, the 1.3 miles trail walk turned into an adventure further down to the port. Spontaneity.
"Do you guys have a boat down there? This is a private property."
Woah, that was not friendly at all. Seemed to me like he almost wanted to kick butt or something.
Our initial plan: climb onto one of the boats and chill there. Apprehended by a guy who pulled up his car beside us. Spontaneity

Tranquil. The atmosphere was.
Quiet. The moon was.
Serene. The stars in the sky were.
Placid. The water was.
Composed. Our thoughts were.
Deep. Our breaths were.
The moments felt surreal. Unemcumbered by worries. Just two heartbeats, expressing profound truths about each other in simple language.
As we spoke at great length about various things, our eyes were inevitably drawn in by the picture perfect scenery.
Engulfing in all that we can, how I wish time would spare us our youth, spare us moments like this.
The moon, playing peekaboo with us by sliding in and out of the clouds occasionally.
Its moonlight, reflected upon by the calm water, leaving a faint streak of glimmering lights on the surface.
The smithereens of stars, suspending millions of light years away from us. The source of those twinkling lights that we now perceive may have been long gone, exploded. Nevertheless, they left us with such glow and hope that keeps us going.
Still remember how I was quivering whenever the cool breeze sweeps by to greet us abruptly. Cold hands, cold feet, but was fortunate enough to have another pair of hands and feet warming those up

An hour and 15 minutes to sunrise. We just had to keep on going since we were already half way there. Spontaneity.
3.45am. We headed back to my apartment to gather some equipments that include water, jackets and camera

Sunrise at Champlain Park wasn't quite complete without the actual sunrise. Thick cotton clouds were obstructing the morning rays from blessing our tender skin with Vitamin D.

Nonetheless, the scenery was magnificent.

 Ducks were paddling around in the water in pairs, waddling on the grass in pairs, while we sat there on the edge of the stone barrier, in a pair.

At the end of it, we bid goodbyes with nice long hugs
Finally, what feels like Friday, ended with a nice warm shower and snuggling in bed with my favorite childhood plushie :)


a tacit confession of affection, perhaps?

Love, Eve


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