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I know the past Sunday was Father's Day. However, this post is dedicated to not only my old man, but also my first lady

Everyday I am reminded of how fortunate I am to have this pair of couple in my life, loving me unconditionally since even before I was born. I may not remember all the wonderful things they have given me when I was an infant, but I can certainly be thankful for the love and care that I have received from looking at the I in the present day

When I was young and naive, I used to dislike the fact that I share the same birthday as him.
"Owh shucks, I can't have my very own birthday cake on my birthday. I can't blow all the candles on my own. I'll have to share the limelight with him." *pouts*
Till this date, I still can't believe that I used to be so blinded by those materialistic things that I have overlooked how blessed I am! To share the same birthday as one's father is possibly one of the best gifts in life! Of course, I believe I became his best birthday present in his entire life. Oh I would give anything to see how elated he was when I was ushered into this world.

When I was young and naive, I used to dislike the fact that she is always up against the hair at the back of my neck, constantly pestering me with something and being all nosy.
"Would she stop nagging? Urgh, stating the obvious. I will get to it eventually." *annoyed*
Being away from home definitely made me realise so many goodness to those nagging. Talking to mom helped me understand the myriad reasons behind her altruistic intentions. We would share tears as we converse, despite being thousands of miles away from each other. Of course, it still bothers me from time to time, but instead of throwing tantrums, I would silently consent to her yattering


As my age went from single digit to double, I was slowly understanding the true sentimentality of birthdays. I completed elementary school, went on to middle school, graduated from high school, furthered my studies in college. As I do so, I was gradually peeling away the petty and superficial celebrations that most people see as the world to their birthdays, digging deeper and closer into the true nostalgia for this special day;
I no longer long for parties that I never had as a child, cakes, presents, phony greetings and wishes, etc. I just wanted it to be a reminder of how lucky I am to be born to this world. I just wanted it to be a day to be grateful to the best couple in the world, for if it wasn't for their unconditional love, pain and sacrifice, I wouldn't be where I am today, writing to you.

People may scoff at my thoughts about birthdays now. I don't care. I am rebel for a better reason. I'm not like you; I would rather have no wishes than receiving phony ones. But I know, there's always at least two people out there, constantly wishing the best for me, whether or not it is my birthday, and I can never be more indebted to this priceless gift.
I am that person, who wouldn't mind spending her 20th Birthday stuck in an airport and in the air plane, all alone and halfway around the globe, away from home. I am that person, who wouldn't mind giving up on celebrating my birthday because I knew I was heading back to where my heart belongs, to the place and people, more worthy than just a foolish facade of a birthday celebration. I am that person, who knows that no matter where I am or what I do, there's always a place where I can call home, the people I can regress to, and these will never fail to pull my heartstrings.


Happy Father's Day to my first love.
Happy Mother's Day to my first hero.


your youngest daughter


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