Gravity by John Mayer

Funny how I seem to like all the songs titled "Gravity"

Funny how I still find all the weird pictures we took together Hilarious, just like how I would laugh so hard the first time I see them


Fall 2012.

Maybe it's me, but I find that we talk more often after Summer.
It has been a year...
I grew more comfortable being around her. She grew more comfortable being around me. We grew more comfortable being around each other.
I will miss the moments where we would debate who would get down from the bed to turn off the lights because the last person forgets to turn it off before getting into snuggling under covers.
I will miss the moments where we would continue our pillow talk in the dark, sharing our thoughts, experiences, childhood memories, high school middle school memories, etc. We would share a piece of our philosophy of life, sigh at unfortunate events, grateful for fortunate ones. From each other, we learnt to appreciate, love, and be thankful.
By the way, did I mention how we find solace in talking to each other, just because our outlook of life is at least, more similar to one another than to others?
We would talk, and talk, and talk, and talk, and talk... 
until silence prevails... 
until sweet dreams twinkle

Softly As I Leave You by Michael Buble 

She came back from China with something that made me smile, every single time I look at it. And nope, I am not exaggerating. I mean every time :)

Cute little socks. Oh... *melts*

September 2012. Chasing tornadoes. Continuing our love for photography, we set out with our cameras, despite the many tornado alerts and high wind speed.


September 2012. Sunrise date. We planned this. Yet, we went to bed late at night, praying that we can pull ourselves out of bed in a few hours time.
"Tian! Woah! Azuzu went to see the sunrise." (referring to pictures on Facebook)
"Pei Ning..."
"Do you want to go see the sunrise tomorrow?"
"Go to CCC."
"You drive?"
"Is it okay for you to drive when it is still dark?"
"Should be..."

We did anyway :)

Tried to take some jump shots, we were never synchronized! After more than 50 shots (nope, again, I am not exaggerating), this was I guess the best shot that we have together.
Of course, we were exhausted after. Gave up, went back.
满载而归 :)


Someone to Watch Over Me by Ella Fitzgerald

Fall. Autumn.
Leaves were beautiful. She, as usual, captured the moments ;)


In our new room, 120A Adirondack Hall, we shared many crazy room moments :D

We let our dogs have conversation with each other while we have ours,

We play footsies too... only a little differently :)

Chicken from Walmart as dinner, just because we can. Indulgence, in a form it was.


Thinking About You by Norah Jones

We made a lot more crazy faces together this semester. Pictures that I still laugh at when I look at.
These are the ones that I'll never forget.


We dressed up for Presidents' Gala :)


At Last by Beyonce

December 2012. Finals week. Of course, it had to be the three of us, omma, her and me, spending late nights in the library. We were productive! We had to. Nevertheless, in the midst of information cramming, late night snacking, we made good use of our procrastination times by doing some stress relieving activities:

1. Taking pictures.

2. Silly faces.

3. Playing childhood games.

Fun times!
... until Fall semester ended

Goodbye Fall 2012.
Till then,



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