Spring 2012.
It came soon after I was back from Minnesota and Iowa, she, back from China.
Our adventure continues...

Dream A Little Dream of Me by Louis Armstrong

Rainy days like this makes people more sentimental.

At least for me, it has that magical effect

We have different humor points, but we always seem to converge on each other when it comes to interest, thoughts, or even actions :)
Like the Chinese proverbs: 心有灵犀一点通
That's what we are...

She's the Yin to my Yang :)

I will miss her magic hands of cleaning up the room swiftly.
From this,

To this.

Just within a matter of a few moments...

She makes silly faces using her phone app,


She comforts me when my jeans gave up on me.


I'll never forget our Starbucks moments :)
She treated me a nice cup of Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuchino on this beautiful day of May.


Of course, time flies...
Spring semester came to an end. We took a trip down to NYC together on Amtrak, bid each other goodbyes in Penn Station for the Summer. We almost teared, like many other times saying goodbye to each other :')

Room 120D Adirondack Hall.
Goodbye. Our times together were wonderful

Spring 2012.
Till then, my dearest.



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