Listening to : Geu Nal Ee Hoo Ro by Sung Si-kyung

First two days of school were normal. They were in fact lessons-free. However, we were bombarded by all the teachers with all our mid-year examination marks as expected and all of us were inevitably, shocked by the marks which awaken us from the semi-conscious, sleepy condition during the holidays.

Although I have not gotten back all my results, I thought I did quite a great job this time as the papers were undeniably tough especially for papers like Biology and History. What I did not expect was my Moral marks. It was devastating and my heart skipped a beat when I sum up the marks for the paper. All I know was I tried my best and I did whatever I thought I was supposed to do and wrote whatever I thought teacher would want me to write. I guess knowledge about Moral I have in mind is not enough for me to get a better result. * shrugs *

I went for today's marching practice in order to make sure I catch up with the team but what made me disappointed was the number of marchers present for the practice. The sight of it made me feel anxious and concerned about Sports Day. It will just be a miracle if we could be prepared in time for Sports Day which falls on the 26th of June. Felt groggy after I went home.

Love, Eve.


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