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Funny or not, I am one of the people to find Accounts dreadful. Somehow, I feel that Accounts is just not my forte unlike how Jeremy Lee can handle it like a piece of cake. Sometimes I just think that I have to work extremely hard for better performance in Accounts. Sigh.

It was a depressing, overcast Saturday morning. Thick haze overshadowed my feelings. Myriad thoughts flashed through my Accounts-filled mind. 'What if I did not do well or even worse than the last time? My mum will be will extremely disappointed in me.' I whispered to myself so softly that those words are inaudible even to my own ears. Sometimes I wonder why did I took up Accounts in the first place.

Since Thursday, I was working my life off, cracking head, just to put a real effort to understand Accounts for this morning's exam. Flipping through all the papers, reading thoroughly, absorbing workings like a sponge hoping all could fit in just in time before the exam. 

I think all my hard works have paid off. My accounts have balanced and I don't seemed to have any trouble figuring out the workings and answers for each questions. At first, I thought I really was going to flunk this exam, but when I took a glance at those questions I dread to look at, I felt the adrenaline rush through my veins and before I realised what was going on, my fingers were firm on the blue pen I was using and was writing figures and letters at a great speed. My hands were quick, flipping through papers. My eyes were gliding from left to right so fast that I myself felt a little dizzy from the vigorous taking in of figures.

I flinched abruptly whenever I discovered a mistake. Guess that was an act to show how silly I was to make that kind of mistakes. When I turned to my right to look at Mark, he was too, paying full concentration on the questions and making little noises occasionally which were enough for me to know what he was thinking. Sigh. I'm not the only one who got stressed out for this Accounts Exam. :D


Time flies so fast that it felt like lightning strike. By the time you see what's happening and feeling comfortable with the things happening around you, its gone with the wind and never turning back again, simply leaving fading memories with you which replays over and over again for a short period of time and then completely deleted from your memory. So grasp and treasure every moment in life so not to regret it in the nearest future. :)


Love, Eve.


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