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Ten Things I Wish I Could Say to Ten Different People (but don't say their name):

1. Have fun there. Remember me while you are there.

2. Thank you for remembering to bring the thing you promised me on Monday.

3. I still have much more things to do than making a fool of myself in front of you.

4. Its nice to see you progressing with things you are working on but they just look wrong to me at times. Don't get fooled.

5. Where is the old you I knew years before? You are so ignorant now. I miss the old you.

6. Do you know sometimes you are just so irritating? But I just can't bring myself to tell you off.

7. I had a whale of time interacting with you these days. Thank you for the DVDs. Appreciate it.

8. Sometimes what you do really make me smile. But I feel weird when you call me darling. We are not lesbians.

9. Why didn't you ask me out? You are so far away from me. I miss you.

10. Good luck with your love life ahead.

Nine things about myself :

1. Outgoing and can't bear silence.

2. Constantly humming or singing songs even though am not a good singer.

3. Cheerful and optimistic.

4. Set high goals for myself but remain satisfied with my achievements albeit the fact that most of the time I fail to achieve my goals.

5. Dislike people who smokes and alcoholics. Gives me bad impression ya know?

6. Fancy dancing and is a 70% fan of Jabbawockeez. Wish to learn argentine tango.

7. Love tennis. See tennis as a good sport to strengthen relationships.

8. Read celeb magazine. Keep up with the latest fashion but dress normally at all times.

9. Favourite movie genres are Thriller, Horror, Romance, Action and Comedy!

Eight ways to win my heart :

1. Surprises me occasionally.

2. Shower me with gifts during certain occasions. Anything but flower. ( Flower represents relationship - wilt in few days time. Moreover, I do not have green fingers and it is proven.)

3. Charming and knowledgeable. ( not a nerd )

4. Good-looking and tall with well-shaped, toned bod.

5. Someone who totally understands me and my needs without making me feel intimidated.

6. Loves sports and dance as much as I do.

7. Generosity, politeness and a having a heart of sympathy is a must.

8. Honest and sincere towards everybody around him especially me.

Seven things that cross my mind a lot :

1. Why can't I skip chapters of my life or the reverse.

2. Who will be my first love?

3. Will my first kiss be a heart-melting, romantic one?

4. How my life will be in the nearest future?

5. In what kind of condition will I leave Earth?

6. Which will I enjoy more? Studying or working?

7. Why am I not obeying my plans of the day?

Six things I do before I fall asleep :

1. Brush teeth, wash up and wash my feet.

2. Change into my comfy pajamas.

3. Think whether should I read a book before bed.

4. Wonder what time should I retreat from my assignments to bed.

5. Look for my 16 year old huggies and choose between hugging it or placing it aside. :D

6. Wonder if I will have a dream or not. I love dreams, regardless of sweet or not.

Five people who mean a lot (in no order whatsoever) :

1. Myself

2. Family

3. Friends

4. Person I like

5. People whom I think play a role in my mind, soul building

Four things your wearing right now :

1. Short- sleeved white T

2. Knee length Mizuno sport pants

3. Earings

4. Telephone-wire like band

Three places that you would like to go:

1. Round the world

2. Genting theme park

3. Bed...

Two things you want to do before you die :

1. Travel round the world.

2. Live life to the fullest as if everyday is my last.

One confession :

1. You just have to be fun and a little patient to be my friend. :)

I tag :

- One and only Yi Xuan

Love, Eve


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