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During the nerve-wracking examination period, I wished this day will never come. I prayed hard for time to freeze at that moment so I would not need to sit for anymore exams. That would just be something I craved for albeit the fact that I knew deep down, it will never break the bubbles of impossibilities.


It was Saturday morning. After I went through an agonising three weeks enduring the perplexing questions thrown to us by the merciless teachers, its time for a break and indulge myself with something new.

My godfather came down to KL from JB to visit my family and I. And guess what? He bought me a new cell phone which is Nokia 5130 Music Xpress! Check this out...


Although its not the most expensive phone or the latest iphone, but I am overwhelmed by the gratefulness in me. Thank you godfather.

Besides that gorgeous phone, I received another sporty yet elegant kind of watch as a present from my godfather. Its one of the limited edition ARBUTUS watch and it probably is the most expensive and nicest watch I've ever worn on my bony wrist. It looks perfect. I adore it a lot. Thank you again.



Till now, I am feeling rather satisfied with my results. Not that I did better than what I achieved the last time, but I felt I got the results I wanted and expected. Credits to Mei Yi, Pau Ling and those who helped me out during the torturing period again. I feel really grateful. Really. Now I have to keep my fingers crossed for the results coming up tomorrow and in the future but that will be after the holidays...


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Is it true what people say nature makes you think and appreciate? Why can't humans stop upsetting mother nature?

Maybe its because there's nothing left for us to appreciate in this world...




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