Let Go. Skip Forward.

It felt like ages since exam started. My life has been so hectic this year that when Yi Xuan approached me today to ask me about how many books have I read this year, my honest answer was 1 ( The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd ).

Exam was tough. Not to speak about the study subjects but I honestly do not think I stand a chance in getting an A for any of those. Not in the slightest. Perhaps the slightest exists...

Insanity struck Pn. Cheong. Biology was crazy. It was "brain-crackingly" tough. Things that we have never seen in our miserable life appeared in that paper. " I took some of the questions from my book." " No tips will be given during SPM. This is only for your own good." Excuse me but who gives a damn about what's in your book and why are the questions so OUT OF THE BOX? No offence but Biology was devastating.

I totally screwed Physics Paper 3. Don't ask me how and why because I knew I screwed up the whole thing. Nevertheless, thought of failing Physics never strike me. The worst might be a C. * Confidence in myself *

To be frank, I thought Chemistry was okay. In fact, I think I might be able to get better result for it compared to the other science subjects. I was lucky actually and credits to Mei Yi & Pau Ling for making me study all the possibilities experiment at the very last minute before I entered the exam hall. Thanks again.

The others were okay. So conclusion, I'm just glad that its over but bear in mind, the worst is yet to come... I know I'm being such a killjoy here but it is TRUE!

American Idol Update

On On May 20, 2009, Kris Allen was crowned the winner of eighth season of American Idol, becoming the first contestant with the status 'married' to claim the prestigious title in the reality show.

As for my whole time favourite contestant of the season - Danny Gokey, Idol Season 8 second-runner up, he will still be one with the best sexiest voice ever existed in the show and the soul-singer.

Idol Season 8 first-runner up, Adam Lambert has the craziest vocal range we have in the century. Standing ovation for every performance and even from Simon Cowell.

Great job to all. Deep down we know all of them are the Champions and are making their presence in the music industry significant with their humble attitudes. Way to go! BEST SEASON OF ALL!

Random update of me : Going to have movie marathon very soon...

Life is like a swing. Suddenly, you find yourself in the peak of your life when lights dimmed around you.


Mixed feelings



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