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Unbroken - Katherine McPhee

It was the 1st of May. It seems like it was yesterday. But hey! Today is the 15th already. Creepy how time flies pass like that. I'm totally in denial. Not to mention how much I slack in blogging these days heh.
Went out with the girls on Saturday and I realized, they are one of the many reasons why I don't want to move on. As Amanda said, she and Cass stuck on almost immediately since day one. Me? Only on the second semester before I slowly got to know Amanda as a person and gradually accepted her as my close friends and now? Beyond describably close :)
It was in the first semester where I knew her as one of the brightest students with a very clear mind on her goals. Need not say, the scented girl. She almost turned me into a dog as I uncontrollably find myself closing on to her and start sniffing her. Whether it was her shampoo, body lotion or the soap powder that she uses, she just smells like vanilla sunshine *likes*
She was the one whom I talk my heart out, even the one whom I feel natural with. With all the telepathy going on (sometimes I do wonder is it cause I have no sense while she does and hence the telepathy) which enable me to associate even better with her. And the Elmo craze I picked up especially this semester, I just love how she plays along with me all the time and makes me feel like a kid again.
Thank you, Amanda Panda!! :) :) :)


As for Cassandra. I got close to her at first because we both shared one similarity - Kiasu. Well, mainly was because we had siblings who were previously in HELP and hence, heard many bad things about how the LAN classes become full almost immediately after registering opens, we ended up in college superb early in the morning, even before the registry opens, to register it. Need not say, one of the first to register for LAN class. It was hilarious.
In our first semester, Cass was the one with the nail polish fiend. Always changing colors and very into coloring her nails. It was cute. Then due to difference in major, we were not in the same classes anymore until last semester for Philosophy. Nevertheless, our bond never break just because of that. We still go out on lunch breaks together :)

The girls. I wish we had more time together before going off to different paths, to pursue our dreams. The girls. I wish.

Yours truly,


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