maliciously pleasurable.

This month has been a naughty one for me. I admite I deserve some spanking in the buttocks.
Highlands getaway was a complete blast. Not to mention some creepy encounter in the midst of all the fun. Some alcohol can really kickstart something. Well, it at least, shed some new light into this relationship, giving new hope and insight. Something I wouldn't forget.
Well, just some little things that you do, are enough, more than enough, to make me all mushy inside. You give me butterflies with the loving care. Gentle, as much as you can pick me up with one hand with much ease. Oh how strong you can be, yet how soft you are around me, so as to make sure you don't bruise me with one touch

The adventure behind a normal date. The ropes, the nets, the flying, the bruises. I would say, not as extreme as I thought it would be, but just sufficient to satisfy my wild heart for extreme sports. Something close to my nature, a monkey in heart.

Here's to something I cherish.
Something to keep nightmares away.


Tonight, I'm walking alone.
Because I know tomorrow, I won't be.


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