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Dreaming With A Broken Heart by John Mayer

Was listening to this song and I heard this phrase,
"waking up is the hardest part"
As a person who adores metaphor, I fell in love immediately with this phrase, being that I can relate to this phrase at a personal level as well

Whoever says that waking up is going to be easy? Every morning, that moment when you open your eyes, it is another brand new day and you know it. However, the temptation to just continue lying down and snuggle with your blanket is great!
Talk about the Physics principle of Inertia. Definitely true, especially after a whole night long of not moving

Whoever says that waking up from a dream is going to be easy? Of course, it involves you giving up of your previous believes and adopting a new set. It involves a new set of belief that completely contradict with your current ones.
How apprehensive that the future is no longer bright for you after waking up.
Look around you, the world is moving on, signifying the urgency for you to keep up. Of course it is moving forward, but whether in the right track with the right pace or not, only itself is clear about it.

That small fee I paid to see the world, is probably the best investments I have ever had in my life since young. Sure I splurge on unnecessary things occasionally, but this was an eye-opener.
It got me thinking. It got me pondering. It answered many questions I previously had.
I was rather traumatized. No doubt that I was. There were numerous events that I had to slowly digest, but deep in my heart, I know that I have decided and I have to stay strong with that decision.
After all, who would invest their trust on me if I couldn't trust my own instinct?
I'm glad that I still see some light in the dark endless tunnel. It was gradually fogging up, even the light seemed blurry and vague.
Should I pick up my pace and sprint towards it before it vanishes? Or should I stay put and admire the beautiful ray, regret when it vanishes?

"A true pilot must of necessity pay attention to the season, the heaven, the stars, the winds and everything proper to the craft if he is really the rule a ship." - Plato, The Republic



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