It certainly took me forever to regain consciousness.
Forever to wake up from that deep slumber.
Feels like everything that I once had was unreal, fake and phony.
Everything was for a reason, a motif behind drawn curtains.
I cannot comprehend.
I certainly cannot fathom.
There is no way I can.
How could people transform from being such an innocent harmless child at birth, to be so maliciously harmful to other people's well being?
Such selfish bastards those people are.
I would be more than willing to pick up a weapon and end their petty little pest life right there.
Sadistically enjoy their slow and excruciatingly painful death.
Sadistically enjoy the sight of their body structures and limbs drop separately and lifelessly on the floor before my feet.
Sadistically savor the taste of those mudblood on my lips.
I would even be Hitler reborn of this 21st century, have a genocide for pests like you from the world.
The absence of people like you, oh yes I could already see it, taste it.
The freedom and peaceful ambient in the surrounding.
My last words for you -
"For all the sins that you have committed, you shall have karma to come against your will.
Burn in hell."


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