the whisper of the stars,

If You Can't Sleep by She & Him

Something about spotting shooting stars is that they never fail to make me catch my breath and squeal with great delight.
Stargazing by the lake. What could be more perfect than this? To top that with great companies and a nice can of beer; sheer bliss, it was. The universe was playing a prank on us. "What is this like a joke or something?" The moon has gone missing for the past week and it was still on vacation that night. The stars were in weird positions; the Big Dipper was looking odd and appeared peculiarly huge as compared to normal. Nevertheless, being able to appreciate ten beautiful shooting stars slice across the dark universe was such an experience. I thought to myself: I could never have such experience back in Malaysia, where clouds are constantly shielding the universe from our eyes, warm and humid weather infested with despicable mosquitos

Every time I look into the sky at the dark, where it simply gazed back at me, I think of my father. My old man, he never fails to make me feel better about myself. I would always rant out my frustration at him, but he would simply make me realize how insignificant and petty my problems are compared to the limitless, infinite universe. Occasionally, we would talk about the universe and sigh at our trivial existence that we often think so almighty about

Bike ride was nice down to the beach. I especially loved how we would play along with my silliness and childish plays, like receiving a mission and attempting to accomplish it. I loved how we had such great chemistry and similarities that made every outing of us together so interesting and much more enjoyable. I loved how we would easily agree on little things, like climbing onto the safeguard's 'throne' after sundown. I loved how we are both photographers so it wasn't awkward to constantly want to take pictures of the gorgeous, jaw-dropping scenery. I loved how we have similar interest and share the love for adventures that brings us to lovely places and discover wonderful memories. I loved how we would lie down on the grass together on a nice casual but chilly night, warming each other while we stargaze. I loved how we would talk about the stars, about us, like nothing else matters. I loved how we would share our comfort food out of the box of magical nuggets from McDonalds. I loved how you held me in your arms and whispered candy canes to me. I loved how we spent the amazing summer together, knowing that right now I am in complete denial that it is coming to an end. I would give anything to relive all those beautiful moments over and over again, because you made me feel like a royalty on an extravagant vacation of simplicity and spontaneity.

This, that I will never forget, that I will bring with me, forever and always.
Thank you for the memories.

Yours truly,



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