State of Autumn.

Don't Forget by Baek Ji Young

In a state of Autumn, I am.
'First week into the month of September
Memories turn to hay

Solemnly, sorrowfully the
Oracle spoke, yet the
Remains of the
Ruined medieval castle, still
Yield all the glory it once was.


Yelling, screaming, gone crazy, but
Everything seems inaudible to others
Everyone around me seems oblivious

Just up to myself and no others
If only I can bring myself to
Numb myself from the excruciating pain


Insides of me, slowly disintegrating, like
'Venom, eating up my body gradually.

Tired of drama, tired of waiting
Raging emotions with hints of disappointment and confusion
Infinite signs displayed - suddenly
Everlasting doesn't seem too convincing after all
Death has dawn on this beautiful disaster


Thank you for the sweet memories.

For the last time,

Pei Ning


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