A date with the sky.

SUNY Buffalo has been pretty amazing.
Pretty sky. Pretty sunset. Pretty people.
Gotta love it

I have fallen for the Niagara Falls for the second time in a month's time. That place should be heaven to be able to steal my breath away.


Finally, my Summer adventure has come to an end. In about two hours time I will take the cab and head down to the train station. An hour after I board the train, the sun will rise again and it will be a brand new day that I will be receiving with warm hearts in my light sleep on the train.

On the side note: It is now 1.11am.

Erie Canal Harbor was such a pretty place. The lighthouse was so dreamy and perfect, despite the fact that we failed to go to but to only enjoy from afar. The adventurous journey did bring in some surprises that may not be fanciful but definitely memorable. We were just extremely glad to have made the rebellious decision and survived the dangerous mission that we undertook unnecessarily. After all, I felt like I could do anything in the world and it certainly gave me that boost of confidence that I have been seeking for in a long time.

The day ended perfectly with a detour to McDonalds where I treated myself with a nice cup of ice-cream sundae and two pieces of chicken nuggets that I fished out from Thaddeus'. The bliss was certainly indescribable as I felt like I was reliving my childhood again.

I am really thankful for this trip as this is a perfect time for me to travel around, meet up with my friends and get an ample amount of rest that I need before my Summer job starts on the 2nd of July.

Till then folks. I apologize for the lack of update. Haven't been getting the time and inspiration on my writing fingers :)
I wish I have more inspiration because I really would love to record down all my lovely memories, especially those in my university years studying in the United States.


Pei Ning


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