5 Bunga Raya Outing / Dinner

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It was during the holidays ( 18th March, 2009 ) when we went to that outing. Therefore, this is obviously a superb delayed post.

At first, we were supposed to have our dinner / bonding / photography session at Marche - The Curve. Somehow, somebody changed the destination to Vivo - still The Curve.

We were chatting while laughing at each other's jokes when Shu Ning and Joel the lovebirds walked in the restaurant together! *Gasp* A normal reaction came from everyone as expected. We wooed them both and guess what? I saw Joel blushing like he has never blushed before! HA!

It was fun taking pictures and catching up with those whom I have not talked to that often in the past year. This outing has definitely made itself worthwhile by bringing the so called separated 4 Bunga Raya students into a united 5 Bunga Raya class! Cheers...

We even took the opportunity to celebrate Mei Yi's birthday and even bought a cake for her but I don't think anyone ate the cake. Someone brought it home though. Ordered Chicken Lasagna!

Outing ends at 9.30pm with the photo-taking session at the fountain in the mall.

IMG_0267 IMG_0281 IMG_0291 IMG_0290 IMG_0279

IMG_0283IMG_0286IMG_0301 IMG_0288 IMG_0276

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