Hari Kecemerlangan..... Cool but boring....=X

Can't stop at the moment
wHat kiNd oF dEcO is tHiS?!?!

I have been waiting for soooo long for the hari kecemerlangan function.... Well that is because i get to take some picture so that i can post some new stuff in my blog!!! However, it dissappoint me.... that was a piece of s**t i can say that because i was so boring that i can fell asleep right there on my place NO.9.

First, we have to clap like an idiot when the dato' Lim Choon Kin came until your hand can go numb. Then here comes the boring speech by pn. Zakiah, mr. Alan and Dato' Lim.... BORING!!!

Blah...blah....blah... all the names for the pelajar that get awards (including me) go up stage and shake hands like an idiot too...(i'm one of them)...

At last for the so called 'entertainment' including dancing and drama. The dancing was hidious but the drama was good. Deserve to get first in zone....Taman S.E.A. roxxx!!!Chee Kong Cool!!!

Last but not least.....(just for you, Gloria) JETHRO VERY LENG ZHAI!!!


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