LEO Orientation day

I know it took me a very long time to write this but i really have no time so ... so sorry. xD

Its LEO Orientation day!! Well, its crazy but fun, you know, cool. Well, that is because I had a great time with my team-mate .

There are actually eight tasks for us to complete. The first task for my group is something like two person have to stand out to act while the other people will start to guess. Well, as i am the lucky one, i was chosen to be one of the person to act. They really gave difficult words for us like gogo power rangers etc. However, we manage to guess it correctly. But unfortunately, we have not enough points therefore we get splashed by water. Actually they kept on wasting our time.

The second task is eating watermelon without holding it. It was so hard and t first i was like kept on thinking of sharing salivas but afer that i get used to it as i was telling myself that all of them are my friends. Well, they are chow ern, jeremy jong, ashraf, tze yang of something etc. Sorry but i have forgotten their names.

The third task is something where they jumble up all stuff like egg, chilli, pepper and all sorts off things and we were required to transfer if from one cup to the other. However we did it quite easily since it was a very easy task.

The fourth one is the one with the flour where we have to find rubberbands from one box full with flour and transfer it to a cup between two wooden planks without going into it. Well, i was the one to do that but with the help of Jeremy, i manage to put quite a lot of rubberbands into the cup.

The fifth task is drag queen. Wow!!! Jeremy and all the guys are hot, pretty and sexy. They really spice up the day with their actions. What i love most is still that. DRAG QUEEN!!!

The sixth is to kick to football to let it land on the newspaper. Well, it was kind of stupid as it was quite hard but we manage to get about 6 balls on it. Again i was good at it. Surprisingly!!!

The sevanth is fear factor. We have to put our hands into one of the containers to get coins without knowing what was inside the container. I am such a scary cat because i did not do it whereas everybody in my group did it. I feel so ' guilty' i can say that.

The last one was commander crawl. Melvin was the last one so he get everything including eggs, flour, mud, flour and everything. I feel so sorry for him but he actually enjoyed it. Well, my hand is scratched because of that but since i enjoyed it too, so nevermind.

Well, during this i was wondering what was all the scouters doing including my 'how zhi mui' Yuen Hee!!! But unfortuately she is not a leo.

So that was everything about this leo orientation.



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